Founded in 2006, Luxxbox designs and manufacturers acoustic lighting and flexible solutions for commercial spaces. From sound-absorbing pendant lights to playful and functional pops of color, Luxxbox products go beyond the traditional, re-inventing the everyday into interpretations of practical furniture and lighting. Headquartered in Australia and with offices across the globe, Luxxbox is committed to the pursuit of authentic industrial design with all design, manufacturing, upholstery and assembly done in-house. With their multi-award winning acoustic lighting range, the largest available in the world, Luxxbox delivers on their intention of taking unique design aesthetic to the world, working on a international scale with innovative commercial product design.
Helm AC Pendant
 - Helm AC Pendant
Hemii Pendant
 - Hemii Pendant
Illi Pendant
 - Illi Pendant
Cono Pendant
 - Cono Pendant
Georgina Pendant
 - Georgina Pendant
Dasch pendant
 - Dasch pendant
Blade Pendant
 - Blade Pendant
 - Linea
 - Matrix
Vapor Echo
 - Vapor Echo
Vapor Echo Rectilinear
 - Vapor Echo Rectilinear
Vapor Echo Cylinder
 - Vapor Echo Cylinder
 - Birdcage
Waffle Pendant Downlit
 - Waffle Pendant Downlit
Waffle Pendant Uplit
 - Waffle Pendant Uplit
 - Tessell
Waffle Disc Acoustic
 - Waffle Disc Acoustic
 - Wedge
Wedge Thoughtboard
 - Wedge Thoughtboard
Wedge Thoughtboard Slim
 - Wedge Thoughtboard Slim