Hemii Pendant

A large dome pendant designed to enhance an environment’s acoustics while seamlessly blending into existing design features. Hemii combines powerful noise-absorbing materials with a high-performance circular LED panel and minimalistic design, to create the ideal acoustic light for open-office environments.

Available in 2 sizes and an extensive range of textural finishes across the full-color spectrum.
Lead time

8 - 10 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

Available in 2 sizes:
Medium 28 inches / 715mm diameter
Large 36 inches / 915mm diameter


Minimalistic design with superior acoustic and lighting performance
Internal and external noise-absorbing materials for enhanced acoustics
High-performance dimmable circular edge-lit LED panel

Ideal for expansive spaces such as commercial areas and open-offices

Finishes and Materials

50 exterior colorways to seamlessly compliment any space
Crafted from durable acoustic PET and premium wool fabrics

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