Artome Ltd. was founded in 2016 but the idea of Artome smart furniture started already in 2013, when the founder of Artome, Toni Parikka received an interesting commission. The client wanted an integrated and discreet audio system in his existing piece of furniture. The task was considered to be impossible without sacrificing sound quality – a totally new approach on design that pays attention to acoustics was required.

The challenge was accepted and the clients vision became reality in the form of a furniture speaker. Meanwhile the screen sizes of TVs grew larger while their depth grew thinner, which also reduced their sound quality. Parikka invented how a TV can be transformed into a high quality audiovisual experience with a piece of design furniture. Artome Cinema – the first smart furniture was born.

Artome M10
 - Artome M10
Lead Time: 12 - 14 Weeks
Artome X20
 - Artome X20