Custom Furniture build

Building from the ground up. A tailored solution that is exactly what is needed and totally fit-for-purpose.

Churn & Relocation services

Reconfiguring the workstations and other furniture elements to accommodate the changes in the way your space needs to be used.

Furniture renovation

Nothing more kind to the environment than extending the life of what we already have – so give your existing furniture pieces a bit of love and spruce them with a good going over and a freshen up with new finish or proper clean.

Space monitoring programs

are the way to ensure that we are able to assess the value of our dedicated spaces and refine the way we use our spaces for maximum flow, better productivity and reduce frustration.

Wellness Tools

Air Quality Sensors & devices to help make our space healthier and more positive. Time to get serious about wellness. With our international partners supporting us – you can access a wealth of great equipment, programs and advice.

Space Planning & Repurposing

We have the technology to offer reviews and insights into the improvements that can be achieved by tweaking your space. We can guide you around options for accommodating growth and changes in the way your team need to work or your clients / audience need to engage.