Manapan has its home 500kms east of Darwin in Arnhem Land on Milingimbi Island, one of six islands that form an archipelago known as the Crocodile Island Group. 

Manapan is a self-sufficient and self-funded enterprise owned and operated by the Yolngu people. The enterprise is supported by ALPA, the largest employer of Aboriginal people in Australia. Manapan provides work experience programs for the students of the local school, building on the students’ skills, talents and interests. Through the Manapan Academy, training is provided for local people in carpentry and joinery skills with the vision that they will combine these skills with their creative talents to enable them to graduate to our main workshop.

Coolamon-Burungu - Offiscape - Coolamon-Burungu
Fossil Coffee Table
Fossil Coffee Table - Offiscape - Fossil Coffee Table
Linear Sideboard
Linear Sideboard - Offiscape - Linear Sideboard
Crocodile Lamp
Crocodile Lamp - Offiscape - Crocodile Lamp
Chloe Woven Cabinet
Chloe Woven Cabinet - Offiscape - Chloe Woven Cabinet
Art Bench
Art Bench - Offiscape - Art Bench
Fire Sideboard
Fire Sideboard - Offiscape - Fire Sideboard