Linea is an award-winning all-in-one acoustic baffle and linear lighting system for large open spaces. Boasting superior noise-absorbing properties, class-leading LED performance, innovative technology, and a comprehensive suite of options for design flexibility. The modular fixture can be used independently or in long continuous runs across expansive environments. Alternate lit and baffle Lineas for a cohesive lighting and acoustic solution.

Linea is a Declare-listed fixture available in a range of lengths, heights, finishes and colors. Suitable for offices, boardrooms, cafes and classrooms.

Lead time

8 - 10 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

  • Small: 174H x 70W x Length
  • Medium: 290H x 70W x Length
  • Large: 580H x 70W x Length
  • X-Large: 870H x 70W x Length


LENGTH: Individual modules available in increments of approximately 300mm, between 620mm - 2301mm. Greater lengths require combinations of individual modules. 

Refer to the spec sheet for more information. 


  • Highly effective noise absorption
  • Available in multiple lengths, 4 heights and 70+ colors
  • High-performance dimmable LED light sources – direct and/or indirect wash
  • Unique plug-and-play power connector allows for long runs with only one power feed
  • Simple connector for easy onsite installation of multiple lengths
  • Easy cassette-style driver for post-installation servicing

Finishes and Materials

  • Multiple shielding options are available – UGR <5 on direct louvered output
  • Available in Basica, Ranura, Wool, or Terrain finishes



  • Louvered
  • Diffused
  • Lensed
  • Acoustic Baffle (no lighting)

Additional info

Certifications: 2022 Winner: Lighting Design Awards