Blade Pendant

Slice through the noise for a more productive and enjoyable workplace with the ultra-slim Blade Acoustic Light. Available with  LED illumination or as an acoustic baffle, Blade reduces reverberated noise in open spaces for increased comfort and concentration. Select from 50 mesmerizing colors to suit any interior space. Individual Blade pendants can be seamlessly installed to create infinite lengths of noise absorption.
Lead time

8 - 10 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

Available in 4 lengths, 4 heights and a wide range of colours
1.9 inches / 580mm
3.9 inches / 1180mm
5.8  inches / 1770mm
7.7  inches / 2360mm

6 inches / 140mm H
11.4 inches / 290mm H
1.9 inches / 580mm H
2.85 inches / 870mm H


Ultra-sleek profile made from acoustic material
Highly effective sound absorption
Designed to easily create long linear runs
High-performance dimmable LED light source
Simple connector for easy onsite installation of multiple lengths

Finishes and Materials

Available in PET felt, Wool or Terrain finishes

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