Toni Parikka

“I understood that this ultra-short throw lens technology would change the AV industry, because it is possible to use in installation free systems. Still the first installation free product with UST projector was drawn only in 2014, because the lamps couldn't last mobility,” Toni Parikka, Founder & CVO

“The main goal for me was to create something that would offer the users adaptability and easiness starting from the construction. For me personally, it was not only about the uncertainty of the AV-project timetables but also the idea of being able to settle down and start a family. The choice was right since I ended up with two families -one at home and the one that I have with Artome.”

Despite of the pending hours, Toni found working in AV-projects great, but he understood that it was not possible to establish a family or do any scalable global business this way. For Toni, the turning point was finally a new school project in Finland in 2012, where Toni installed his first ultra-short throw projectors.

The project was a disaster. It was once more a project that was late -big time- because of the re-planning of electrical solutions. It was then when Toni decided that this is enough. Because of his expertise of speakers and sound systems too, he had already had an idea of creating an easy-to-use product which could produce both audio and image and be installed without AV-guy travelling to the location.

2014 was a big year for Toni. He got married, had his first kid and introduced the first concept model of a smart furniture with a big screen and audio playback with no need for installation. After several versions and with the boost from the evolution of technology, in May 2018 was finally time to say goodbye to traveling. Artome Movea, the first movable and adaptable presentation solution for business was born.

Artome M10
Artome X20