What is the face of your business?

It is fair to say that the answer to this question varies for every business but just how important are those first impressions of your organisation?

Sometimes there is a view that only the outside signage & ‘delivered product’ matter in how a business is perceived … particularly if you are primarily an ‘on-line’ or ‘behind the scenes’ service business .. but more recent studies have revealed that the perception of your physical premises might be more important than you thought.

Take for example the prospective new employee.  It has now been proved that the best quality people are attracted to the workplace that appeals to them visually.  While we don’t outwardly admit it, studies show that if 2 candidates for a corporate role are identically qualified, the ‘better looking’ will almost certainly be given the nod … and so it is ‘in reverse’.  If 2 organisations are essentially offering the same package but the ‘office’ of one presents better than the other … then the place with ‘more appeal’ wins the new candidate!

Does that kind of thing really matter?  Well actually yes.  When Google and other forward thinking companies invested in making their workspaces really positive and interesting … the interest level of the people who are employed in that sphere became extra keen on joining up.  Net result – fewer challenges for the HR department, happier people being more productive = more profit for the company!.

What about all the other people who visit your offices?

Clients, suppliers, prospective corporate partners, your bankers and financial backers … and perhaps even prospective buyers of your whole business.

Make the place look quality, professional, well finished and modern and you say a whole lot … without actually saying anything.

It is why the front-of-house spaces … like reception, visitor meeting rooms and several other critical spaces have extra importance but don’t forget the back of your business either.  For those who have that view … it is also important!


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