What is Martela’s Inspiring Office Concept?

What is, according to Martela, an Inspiring Office?

One office – many spaces.

The nature of “knowledge work” has changed remarkably in a short period of time.  Martela’s answer to this is an activity-based office concept that we call inspiring office.

The concept allows us to comprehensively address the needs of new ways of working from specifying requirements to planning and maintaining the solution as well as recycling.

We provide customer specific solutions using our comprehensive range of furniture, services and products offered by our extensive partner network.

Planning is based on the wide range of requirements that different users have.  The level of privacy and concentration required varies depending on the nature of the work.  The worker’s personality and way of working can also be used to divide workers into four categories ….

(Click on Video Link to learn more about the 4 categories of workers)


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