The Origami System


Origami System – was born of the simple process of a cut and bend of a genuine piece of paper.  But the final result is a management system of desks and returns as well as storage units (pedestals, credence and cabinets), with a fresh and clean design but always with an interesting point of difference.

While aesthetics in terms of shape remain the same, finishes where chosen in a way that this table is a real chameleon: white lacquered tops, black veneer tops, oak, beech or glass tops will completely transform the product and the look.

Lead time

12 - 14 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

  • Desk with return: 720H x 2662W x 1755D
  • Standalone desk:  720H x 2662W x 1252D

Finishes and Materials

Finishes in Poliester Eucalyptus, Poliester Italian Walnut, Italian Walnut, Black Ash Veneer, or Oak

Additional info

Warranty: 5 Years