Offect Soundwave® Ennis


In collaboration with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the Ennis panel has been designed with the pattern of the tile used on the historical Ennis House.
Designed with recyclable moulded polyester, noise disturbances and reflections are reduced.

This pattern is a beautiful feature with complex geometry which enhances the sound absorption quality of the panel. Use the panels to cover an entire wall or make a unique feature.

Lead time

12 - 14 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

Size: 585H x 585W x 60D


  • Absorbs sound in the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above)
  • Optional Basfill to improve sound absorption of lower frequencies (150-500 Hz)

Finishes and Materials

  • Recycled moulded polyester fibre
  • Custom specified upholstery available 

Additional info

Warranty: 5 Years