This collection can be described in three words: softness, precision and modularity. The corner element enables the user to arrange SoftBox sets in any chosen configuration to harmonise them with the interior design. Seats seem to be supported by subtle ‘ribbons’ – aluminium or wooden legs look delicate but they provide a stable base.

One of new highlights in the collection are screens that allow for division of larger space into smaller meeting zones, which is especially useful in bigger, multifunctional areas. In addition, the screens soundproof outside noise and let you focus on the conversation or create a chill-out zone.

Lead time

12 - 14 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

  • One seat armchair: 740H x 750/880W x 750D  
  • Two seater: 740H x 1500W x 750D
  • Three seater: 740H x 2250W 750D
  • Pouffe: 430H X 750W x 750D
  • Square table: 410H x 750W x 750D

Finishes and Materials

  • Frame: aluminium cast, beech wood, black power coat
  • Seat: inner wooden frame with rubber strips, cold moulded foam, upholstered in house colours
  • Backrest: metal frame, cold moulded foam, upholstered in house colours 
  • Screens: 9mm Plywood surrounded by thick foam
  • Table Top: seasoned milk glass, natural modified veneers


Screen options available for all seat sizes

Additional info

Warranty: 5 Years