Off The Wall

$500 - $1,000 *
*Indicative price range only. Exact Price varies depending on quantity, model, and customisable options.


Designed for installation against walls and other large surfaces, the Off The Wall is the perfect benchtop for lunch and discussion in a casual workplace environment. With planter options available, there is no better way to liven up the office than with the Off the Wall

Specifications (mm)

  • OTW1807: 725H x 2100W x 800D
    • PLNT: 925H x 800W x 200D
  • OTW1809: 950H x 2100W x 800D
    • PLNT: 1150H x 800W x 500D


Slab end straight with bulb end other side with disc base

Lead time

4 - 6 Weeks


3 Year