Nest System High Table


An adaption of the Nest High Table, the Nest System High Table is a prime example of +Halle's approach to user-driven design.
As a series of low and high tables which connect via a lock-in tubular design, the table can be endlessly configured to suit you spacial and working needs.
Convenience is a key benefit of this design and with optional integrated electrical plug solution, users and furniture can come together in a perfect ensemble.

Lead time

4 - 6 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

Nest System Table 1400:

Table Size: 1000H x 1400W x 2100L
Rounded End Piece: 1400W x 1050L
Rectangular Centre Piece: 1400W x 900L
Angled Bend Piece: 1400W, 45° angle

Nest System Table 1000:
Rounded End Piece: 1000W x 1050L
Rectangular Centre Piece: 1000W x 900L
Angled Bend Piece: 1000W, 45° angle


  • 3 core pieces to create multiple configurations
  • Lock-in tubular design

Finishes and Materials

  • Fenix laminate tabletop
  • Powder-coated steel frame


  • Electrical plug system
  • Core piece configurations customisable on request

Additional info

Warranty: 5 Years