Nest Oak Table

$500 - $1,000 *
*Indicative price range only. Exact Price varies depending on quantity, model, and customisable options.


A warm, textured table series perfect for hosting groups of different sizes.
With an organic feel this piece is full of warmth and character and is easy to place in any setting.

Specifications (mm)

  • Size 1: 410H x (650/750/900DIA)
  • Size 2: 510H x (650/750DIA)
  • Size 3: 610H x (650DIA)
  • Size 4: 700H x (750DIA)
  • Size 5: 700H x 750W x 160L



  • Surface Finishes: Soaped, Black stained, Lacquered 
  • Solid Oak

Lead time

4 - 6 Weeks


5 Years