Mobile Tote & Bag Storage

$500 - $1,000 *
*Indicative price range only. Exact Price varies depending on quantity, model, and customisable options.


A colourful and practical way to organise and tidy your learning environments.

With space at a premium and increasing complexity within learning environments, a practical and adaptable storage system is more important than ever.

Specifications (mm)

  Double bay Triple bay Quad bay
Width 708 mm 1051 mm 1394 mm
Depth 450 mm 450 mm 450 mm 
Height 900 mm 900 mm or
1060 mm
900 mm or
1060 mm


  • Top and edge finish available in: Mandarin, Olympia Blue, Juicy, White, Alaskan, Oyster Grey, Tornado, Zincworks, Steel Blue, Charcoal, Select Beech, Sublime Teak
  • Core tray finish available in: Royal Blue, Sunshine Yellow, Translucent, Flame Red, Grass Green


Combinations of shallow, deep, and jumbo trays are available

Lead time

4 - 6 Weeks


5 years