Framery 2Q - Lounge


The Framery 2Q is designed for 4-6 people. It’s the best place to co-create, brainstorm and have great meetings. Our superior sound insulation system ensures that your meetings won’t disturb the office – and the office noise won’t disturb you.

The superb sound insulation ensures you and your team total sound privacy and the adjustable airflow creates a pleasant atmosphere to work in. The power column is a fixed component with 3 power sockets + Twin USB fast charger and provides an option for a display bracket or a whiteboard. A low doorstep makes this product wheelchair accessible.

Standard finish is in white - prices may differ depending on finish. 

Lead time

On Application

Dimensions (mm)

  • Exterior size: 2220H x 2350W x 2800D
  • Interior size (Floor plane): 2100H x 2000W x 26700D
  • Interior size (Mid plane): 2100H x 2150W x 2710D
  • Door: Left-handed, width 820 mm
  • Weight: 950 kg


  • Occupancy sensors
  • Fixed power column with 3 power sockets and USB ports
  • Sound insulation
  • Adjustable airflow

Finishes and Materials

  • Sound control laminated glass
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Formica laminate frame on birch plywood with varnish trim.
  • Painted sheet metal or brushed stainless steel exterior finish 

Additional info

Warranty: 5 Years