Fire Sideboard


Made in Australia

Alexsandra Pontonio’s timber sideboard makes an elegant addition to any living room. Almost black in colour, the sideboard features two beautifully crafted roller-style doors. The edge of each ridge on the tambour-style doors has been left unstained to highlight the form of each door panel. The natural timber also makes an appearance on the interior shelves, allowing a contrast between dark and light.

“My partner grew up in Arnhem Land and I regularly travelled around the Kimberley Ranges in the north-west of this region.” Her journeys also saw her driving through areas where there were often spot fires and local kite birds flying above attracting as great attention. The blackened trunks and surrounding grass from these fires intensified her memories. “There’s something of these memories in the design for this wooden sideboard,” says Alexsandra, who created the darkened stain by using a combination of vinegar and iron.

The carefully articulated dovetail joinery allows a glimpse into the lightened interior even when both doors are closed.

Lead time

8 - 10 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

Custom designs, built to specification

Finishes and Materials

  • Natural timber, local to Arnhem Land
  • Unstained tambour doors
  • Vinegar and iron staining
  • Dovetail joinery

Additional info

Warranty: 3 Years