The Austin design reflects the way in which sometime boardroom meetings can go, sometimes up … sometimes down. Hopefully always ending on an up! Whichever way, this design adds a bit of spunk to any boardroom, office hallway, or contemporary space.
Lead time

4 - 6 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

  • RECCREAU1504: 800H x 1500W x 450D
  • RECCREAU1804: 800H x 1800W x 450D
  • RECCREAU2104: 800H x 2100W x 450D
  • RECCREAU2404: 800H x 2400W x 450D


  • All are standard with 4 doors
  • 1 Adjustable shelf
  • Adjustable feet
  • Pull to open

Finishes and Materials

  • Wood grain
  • Black powdercoat legs
  • Specify colour finish where wood grain is featured
  • All other colour or design specifications P.O.A

Additional info

Warranty: 3 Years