Made in Australia

Adding greenery is the simplest way to bring life back into the workspace, creating an environment that people want to work in.

The Alfresco can be used to create breakout areas to encourage collaboration amongst staff, and also offer a quiet space bringing nature to you.

Lead time

4 - 6 Weeks

Dimensions (mm)

CFPL900: 1800H x 900W x 400D
CFPL1200: 1800H x 1200W x 400D
CFPL1500: 1800H x 1500W x 400D
CFPL1800: 1800h X 1800W x 400D


CFPL900: Holds 20 plants
CFPL1200: Holds 25 plants
CFPL1500: Holds 40 plants
CFPL1800: Holds 45 plants

Additional info

Warranty: 5 Years