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Terri Tory

Product Description

As multifunctional furniture, terri tory offers storage space, creates zones and provides privacy for workplaces. Regardless of whether entire office landscapes are required or individual workplaces are to be separated, with its modular design, simple planning and high degree of flexibility, terri tory offers unlimited possibilities for room layouts and, at the same time, provides the storage space you need. Which means you can always plan ahead. After all, with terri tory, you are able to react to changing requirements at any time and redesign or gradually extend your rooms.

Terri Tory

Features: Opening types:
- Box as a shelf element
- Box as element with hanging-file frame
- Box as a fold-up door element
- Box as element with drawers
- Slimbox as a shelf element
- Slimbox as element with 1 drawer

- Screen add-on elements
- Decorative screen on-tops
- Screen inserts
- Decorative screen inserts
- Cushion top
- Suspended drawer
- Magnetic back panel
- Pen tray to be placed on top of the drawer
Lead Time: 12 - 14 weeks.
Warranty: 5 years.
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