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Terri Tory Workstation

Product Description

The concept of the Sedus Terri Tory workstation is a different approach.  Rather than starting with a screen panel or a work surface the Terri Tory system starts with the storage modules which act as a spine and divider.

This allows almost an unlimited number of re-configurable options for alternative positioning of the worktops allowing close integration or distinctly separate spaces so the individual can define their territory!


Terri Tory Workstation

Features: Functional shelves with integrated function rail
Steel support feet
Screen add-on elements
Decorative screen on-tops
Screen inserts
Decorative screen inserts
Cushion top
Suspended drawer
Magnetic back panel
Pen tray to be placed on top of the drawer
Lead Time: 12 - 14 weeks
Warranty: 5 years.
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