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Temptation High Table

Product Description

For temporary working or as a meeting point for communication, it promotes collaboration as well as efficiency. The reason is simple: meetings in a standing position are usually shorter and more productive. High desks also encourage spontaneous changes of posture, which naturally have a positive effect on health.

Among its greatest strengths are the numerous options enabling the temptation high desk to be equipped for almost any task. On a grand scale as well, as the easy interlinking system can be used to make single high desks into a high bench of any length.
What variant you decide on is up to you.

Temptation High Table

Category: -
Features: Frame -
Square steel leg elements
White aluminium
Stainless steel foot rail

Table height - 1050 mm

Table shape -
Bench with continuous top
Bench with multifunction groove
Lead Time: 12 - 14 weeks
Warranty: 5 years.
Environment: GREENGUARD Certified - for low chemical emissions.
Certification: AGR (Campaign For Healthier Backs) - certifed and recommended.
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