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Soundwave® Swell

Product Description

Soundwave® Swell was one of the first panels launched by Offecct. Its core values lies in its function, and Teppo Asikainen refused to compromise with the look. The piece has a very strong personality and acts as a kind of 3D wallpaper giving the room the right aesthetic feeling and acoustic at the same time. Soundwave® Swell Diffuser provides sound diffusion rather than absorption. Correctly positioned, the diffuser panels will improve speech intelligibility and even improve privacy in open spaces as the speaker does not need to talk loudly in order to be heard

Soundwave® Swell

Category: -
Features: Dimensions
Height: 585mm
Width: 585mm
Depth: 80mm

Recyclable Moulded Polyester Fibre in Grey

Lead Time: 8 - 10 Weeks
Price: Upon request


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