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Product Description

POISE is a new modular shelving system that delicately defines its surroundings without taking up much space. Designed with a simple and sculptural expression it radiates an extreme elegance without dominating the room. Each T-shape is either placed above or next to one another. POISE is architecture in its simplest form with endless possibilities to manipulate and shape the room.

POISE is available in T- and corner-modules making it a versatile choice where one can create a system to match the purpose without or with corners to create systems with L-shape, T-shape or X-shape.

POISE is free of double-sided walls and has the appearance of effortless simplicity.


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Features: POISE consists of 7 different modules:
◾POISE SINGLE: the single module is for the stand-alone system with two steel wires
◾POISE START: start module with right-side connector and two steel wires
◾POISE CONNECTOR: connector module with right-side connector and right steel wire
◾POISE END: end module with right steel wire
◾POSE CORNER L: corner module L-shape with one connector steel wire and two end steel wires
◾POISE CORNER T: corner module T-shape with two connector steel wires and one end steel wire
◾POISE CORNER X: corner module X-shape with three connector steel wires
Lead Time: 10 - 14 weeks.
Warranty: 3 years.
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