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Podseat & Podsofa

Product Description

Podseat & Podsofa

Podseat and Podsofa are extensions of Diagonal and offer a well-matched, wider and a more holistic approach to the modern office environment.  Together with Diagonal, these products create flexible areas that boost the productivity and well-being of a company’s employees by offering various ways of meeting, focusing and reading.

PodSofa is a sofa for two.  The screen is available in either symmetrical or asymmetrical versions and laptop tables are available as an option.

While the concept of such private lounge seating is very quickly gaining popularity around the world, the general consensus among the design community is that the Martela Podseat & Podsofa are among the most refined and well thought compact solutions available.  And of course, like all Martela pieces, they are beautifully finished.


Podseat & Podsofa

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Features: Material description:
Seat upholstered, base black.
Lap top table: white, black or Inspiring Colours.
Screen fully upholstered.

Electricity outlet, lap top table painted metal.
Lead Time: 8 - 12 weeks.
Warranty: 5 years.
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