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Martela Tree

Product Description

The Tree is a space divider designed for various commercial spaces. It is also a sculpture, and will surely find its way into private homes, just as many other products designed by Professor Eero Aarnio have done. Eero Aarnio describes the birth of The Tree as follows: “The Tree is like many other products I have designed – part functional object, part sculpture. It functions as a space divider and a decoration, of course, but clever users will surely find other uses for it, such as a coat rack.

“For me, The Tree has always been the tree of paradise. Someone once wondered why it doesn’t have any apples, but that is something we should ask Eve about…” The Tree does bear fruit, however, as part of the proceeds from each The Tree are used to support World Vision Finland’s operations to improve the living conditions of children and families in different countries.

Martela Tree

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Features: Colour: white, green, black.
Base material: rotational moulded polyethylene (PE-HD).
Inside the base counter weight of steel
Lead Time: 8 - 12 weeks.
Warranty: 5 years.


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