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Flosion Stool

Product Description

The Lux Studio Flosion is a multifunctional object, which accentuates great uses of creativity and practicality. It can function as a singular stool, a bench system or side table. The natural form, influenced by water waves is the concept behind Flosion. Flosion has a social dimension that brings people and ideas together. By connecting the stools together, it explores the unlimited potential of people’s creativity and energy exchange.

Flosion allows the user to interact with ease and creativity. Users can simply move Flosion into different positions to change functionality from seat to bench. The larger the quantities of Flosion, the larger the object becomes when joined. Flosion has dimensions which are useful, helpful and practical for environments which need flexibility of use.

The stool can be used at home, and has huge potential in the commercial arena including hotel foyers, bar lounges, nightclub, office halls, corporate reception and break out areas, meeting rooms, and waiting rooms. Another area includes retail and hospitality giving a distinctive organic form and functionality.

Flosion is entirely made from hoop pine plywood (plantation wood), a material chosen for its long life value, durability and ease of maintenance – not to mention its aesthetic beauty.

An organic and pure object which is valued, durable and stands the test of time.

It evokes a sense of calm and relaxation for the user.

Finish – Sen Ash or Sen Ash stained to Walnut

Flosion Stool

Category: -
Features: Designer AMY TANG
Lead Time: 5 weeks
Warranty: 5 years
Certification: ISO 14001 Certified Factory
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