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Product Description

Diagonal is an innovative combination of sofa elements and space dividers for public indoor spaces.  What sets Diagonal apart is its ‘worktop’, which is set slightly above the level of the rest of the sofa and which is intended for laptops or notebooks.

Although there are only few elements, they can be combined in almost endless ways. By combining several of the elements, Diagonal becomes a relaxed setting for small meetings, a private corner for important phone calls or a stylish lobby layout for customers waiting for an appointment.  The smaller elements are ideal for corridors and other areas where a limited amount of space is available.


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Features: Material description:
Seat upholstered, base black.
Screen fully upholstered.

Fabric consumption:
Sofa 389: 8.6 m
Screen 787: 4.0 m
Screen 789: 4.0 m

Seat 1: 1.6 m
Seat 2: 3.2 m
Seat 3: 2.9 m
Seat 4: 1.6 m
Lead Time: 8 - 12 weeks.
Warranty: 5 years.
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