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Product Description

Available in variable shapes including crosses, rectangles or meanders the Airbench is an ultimate communication tool. An  Airbench setting creates a landscape of human interaction. Airbench’s are multi functional and modular, offering endless combination possibilities. Airbench’s are available in small, large, single and double. The Airbench is perfect in public spaces. You can choose the best combination for your needs and personalize and experiment with the numerous possibilities.


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Features: Dimensions:
Double 1800W X 1220D X 440H X 450SCW X1050DCW
Single 214W X 610D X440 H
Cross Boomerang 3000W X 3000D X 440H
Small 2400W X 1360D X 440 H

QM foam
QM Tex
Lead Time: 10 - 14 weeks
Warranty: 3 years
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