When does a bench seat lounge have enough room for two?

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When my sister in law recently posted this photo of her two mismatched dogs it got me thinking about how people feel about sitting side by side.  

Even if there isn’t any tension between the two individuals who would share a lounge (and clearly there was some in today’s photo) … two strangers will very often not feel comfortable sitting together … and even if the waiting time in a reception or foyer space is quite lengthy some people will still prefer to stay standing rather than risk crowding the comfort zone of a stranger or their own for that matter.

So what can one do about this problem when furnishing a space … when the whole purpose is to provide some comfort and relief for the old legs when people find themselves in your waiting area?

The most popular solution in today’s thinking is to simply furnish the space with single seaters as they do give everyone their own capsule or air.  The airport style bench seating is another option but used anywhere but an airport or a ticketed theatre or stadium they don’t exactly have the warm and inviting vibe we all like to create in a ‘welcoming’ area.

As lounges, be they two, three or even four seaters, do have a quality appeal and can make a stronger architectural statement do you simply resign yourself to the fact that only 1 person will sit on a multiple seat lounge unless they are married or already lovers?

In theory the bigger the city, the smaller the comfort zone we need around us but we still do like to feel we are not encroaching on the space of another.

One strength of the Sedus Sopha is that the multiple seat lounge is actually a modular piece and subconsciously the user does feel that each person has ‘their own space’

Sopha, with its 3 options in backrest is also extremely flexible … but for those who prefer an individual chair … there is always the new option called ‘Sweet Spot’.  But more about that one next time!  Enjoy the long weekend Australia!!


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