What is Biophilia?

Despite seeming a relatively new concept to the furniture world, the biophilic hypothesis is one which came about in 1973. First described as the “love of life or living systems” (Erich Fromm) and later defined as the “urge to affiliate with other forms of life” (Edward O. Wilson). In either case, this affiliation is innate.

In the furniture and design industry, incorporating plants is a growing trend. Not only because of how they look, but because of how they make you FEEL.

AIR QUALITY is improved.
Plants contribute to better air quality by removing or absorbing air pollutants, thus reducing the likelihood of sickness in the workplace. In fact, NASA released a list of plants which are proven and recommended to remove particles and bacteria in the air.

Stress itself is an unwelcome feeling, however it can also play a large role in a number of health problems. These include depression, anxiety and cardiovascular diseases. A study performed by the University of Technology in Sydney found that introducing plants into the work environment saw overall negative mood states reduced by an enormous 64%.

PRODUCTIVITY is improved.
Happiness in the workplace is key. A 2015 Human Spaces Report performed a study of 7,600 office employees throughout multiple countries with results revealing a 6% increase in productivity related to the introduction of both plants and light. This is attributed to the visual experience of natural elements in the workplace which creates an attractive aesthetic and a calm environment, contributing to staff motivation.

New to our product range are the Offecct Green Pedestals, Offecct Green Island and the Offecct On Point table. Aligning with Offecct’s Lifecycle philosophy, these products aim to increase sustainability, whilst also contributing to better workspaces. Take a look HERE

If you are wanting to know how to incorporate greenery into your space, contact us for a site visit or quote!


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