Earlier this month, Anton, Jason and Remko jetted to the other side of the world to experience the Framery World Conference. Held in its country of origin, Finland, our staff members were engulfed in the local culture, experiencing 5-star entertainment, outstanding dining, and last but not least, a Finnish favourite, sauna….

But don’t fret, it wasn’t all fun and games. Getting up close and personal to one of the most impressive modern-day office solutions guaranteed a whole lot of product education. From paint finishes and lighting fixtures, to sound mitigation technology, no element of this incredible product was left uncovered.

The key focus of the conference was ‘happiness in the workplace’, a topic which is becoming increasingly more relevant in the world of commercial office furniture. In attendance were world leaders from the likes of companies voted ‘best workplace’ in Europe, and representatives of the think tank of Google’s International Headquarters, along with other companies embracing this idea through Framery.

There’s no doubt in our minds that Framery is the future of modern workspaces. A stylish, functional, uncovered concept which facilitates collaboration, connectivity and creativity whilst also enhancing the open-plan spaces we now live and breathe every day.

If you’d like to find out more about the Framery World Conference or the Framery product itself, feel free to get in contact with us!

Warm regards,



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