Terri Tory Workstation

The concept of the Sedus Terri Tory workstation is a different approach.  Rather than starting with a screen panel or a work surface the Terri Tory system starts with the storage modules which act as a spine and divider and then allow almost an unlimited number of re-configurable options for alternative positioning of the worktops allowing close integration or distinctly separate spaces so the individual can define their territory!

The storage elements themselves based on 400mm x 400mm modules have the easiest possible adjustment with a neat little user friendly key that is more fun to use than the toys we used when growing up.

And Sedus have cleverly introduced a wide selection of add on divider screens that can allow light to filter through or create a visual feature in a compartment or on the top of the spine.

Great possibilities for design, great flexibility for re-configuration!  Talk to us today about the newest offering to the world of workstations.

Offiscape  07 3839 3800



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