Blog Story June 5 (3)

Have you been tempted?

The concept of temptation has been around for a very long time?  All the way back to the Garden of Eden in fact.  The men point out that it was a woman that got Adam in trouble.  Eve herself of course blamed the serpent. (Snakes do typically mean trouble).

Debate may rage about whether the fruit was an apple or some other variety but temptation itself is an intriguing subject.

While the word conjures up thoughts of forbidden fruit (some involving chocolate and some involving even more exotic subjects) … there is temptation when the subject of attention is something ‘hard to resist’.

So it was that Sedus had some playfulness in the naming of their most popular workstation and desk range.

Temptation is a range with some very attractive features … and like other things that can tempt us the Temptation range can be seen in different & equally alluring forms.  There is a twin set workstation (in the Temptation Twin range).  There is the high class in the form of the Temptation High series while Temptation Prime evokes thoughts of complete indulgence and the list goes on.

Typically, the space we work in is regarded as anything but tempting … but that doesn’t have to remain that way … if you want to attract people to their work … why not choose the product that is nothing short of Temptation itself.

The thing with Temptation is that it is very hard to resist!  Ask us for more details today –




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