A comfortable spot was a real favourite at Sydney in Design

On the front of the Sedus stand at the Galleria was a complete setting of Sweetspot.  The 3 occasional chairs with complementing tables were popular for several reasons.  For some it was simply an inviting place to drop in after spending a few hours on their feet.  For others it was the attraction of something that had great design appeal.

Either way the common response the moment the visitor came to rest inside a Sweetspot armchair was an instantaneous “Ohh that’s comfortable”.

Many seats have a nice look but getting just the right proportion and the right shape for real comfort is not so easily achieved.

The Sedus message on the launch of Sweetspot was ‘Make work easy going’.  That should fit with the Australian mindset very comfortably (excuse the pun!).

Sweetspot is part of the latest offering from the Sedus  ‘Meeting Point’ collection.

The aim is to achieve a more appealing, relaxing tone to the workspace and the places where teams come together to meet and do business.

Sedus are passionate about their Place 2.5 program to make workspaces genuine places of productive wellbeing.

For more information on the Sedus Place 2.5 program … call Jason at Offiscape today.

For more information specifically on Sweetspot Seating … take a look at the range complete with downloadable brochure under Seating or Sedus on the Offiscape website.

Offiscape 07 3839 3800









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