Stand up or die!

Sixty Minutes, the Nine Network Television Program, aired in Brisbane on Sunday Night, September 28 had a very clear message … according to the scientific evidence… if we sit too long we die faster! The story was titled ‘Stand Up Australia’ and the link to view the story is included below (and it certainly makes for interesting viewing).

Sounds a bit too dramatic? Is that a stretch? Well actually … the evidence to support this message has been building for quite some time. Already in the Australian media and even more so in the international media there have been developing stats and facts that have high-lighted that the average worker is now sitting too much!

As we obviously can’t work that much less in actual hours what can we do? In the modern day of ‘knowledge work’ where technology drives most of our information … the fact is that we don’t have to stay quite as static as we once did. On the other hand it is the new tools that can nearly all be used while seated that has actually created the problem. We do almost everything while sitting!

What is the solution? Offiscape has embraced the concept of Sit-Stand. What is Sit-
Stand? Basically having your workpoint (desk) adaptable so you can spend your day in a combination of sitting (at seat height) or standing!

Rather than raising your desk up by packing it on top of old copies of telephone directories … the real solution is to get an Offiscape electric height adjustable desk. We have them tosuit all budgets, sizes and configurations.

Australia is playing catch-up in this area with countries like Denmark providing sit-stand desks to more than 50% of their workforce (expected to be 70% within the next 2 years).

Here are some interesting facts.

Those who sit for 11 hours or more in the course of their whole day are 40% more likely to suffer a premature death.

Those who have a normal desk based job will (due to the extent) of sitting required as part of their daily routine die on average 3 years earlier than those who have an outdoors or standing related job.

There is new evidence that extended sitting even has an adverse impact on the muscles in our buttocks and effectively contributes to flabby flesh in a more direct and serious way than previously realised.

Schools in Australia are now assessing the value of giving even young students electric height adjustable desks as they are finding improved concentration levels and better engagement of our young people!

Will it happen in our workplaces? It already is. We now have stock of over 500 electric height adjustable desks available and many of our Queensland clients have already had us installing. Talk to us soon about improving the workspace for your team and stay tuned for lots of updates on Sit-Stand – the biggest revolution in office furniture for a generation!

Check out the link below (and please note – it starts with a brief advertisement)

Offiscape has a range of efficient, affordable, easy-to-use Sit-Stand desks and workstations & meeting tables … so if you want to know more call us today. 07 3839 3800.


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