Something Different

Cardno’s international head office in the North Tower of Brisbane’s Green Square has some unique spaces for unique purposes. One of the real features is the indoor / outdoor areas that serve as meeting points.

Facing to the south, these areas are tiled and finished very differently to the adjoining office areas. While featuring high ceilings and contemporary detail they also manage to evoke thoughts of a very generous-sized, quintessentially Queenslander-style, ‘closed-in’ verandah.

These spaces have an immediate attraction as something a world away from the classic office meeting room.

When the challenge went out to furnish the level 12 space, Cardno determined that a traditional meeting table simply would not do.
Working closely with the Cardno managers to work through a number of options … the final solution was a custom table that dispensed with straight lines and boring corporate finishes.

A scale model of the proposed concept was produced to test the proportions and ensure the end result would work.

With the bold orange circles within a fresh white border, the new piece quickly developed the nickname within our project team of the ‘3 Yolk’ table.

It is a quality combination of the Stan Base Leg System & the best of offiscape’s local joinery skills.

High above the emerging Valley skyline, with commanding views of the Brisbane city skyline, Cardno now has a fun space for a breakfast meeting but also a funky, out of the ordinary, space to do team gatherings at any time of the day or night.

Would you like a unique solution for your office? Tell us about your challenge and we’ll be happy to provide a concept for you too.


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