Ready to go……


For those of us who have enjoyed the delights of owning a pet dog … Nothing says ‘I’m ready to go’ quite like one from the canine world who will do anything possible to ensure we get the message that they’re ‘ready for action’.


Sometimes when there is change the assumption is that everybody is so busy that time needs to be allowed for a settling-in period … and we therefore assume it is better to leave off making our new enquiry for a bit longer.


Well there certainly has been a bit to do in recent weeks in the world of offiscape … but we are happy to assure you that we are absolutely ‘ready-to-go’ in assisting you with any new enquiries.


Our whole intent has been to ensure that there is no inconvenience to you our clients.  So if the pup with the walking lead has given you something of a mental picture … just picture us being just as keen to start helping you under our new business name.


We are keen to demonstrate the service and product quality you can experience with offiscape.


Can we help you with something today?  We are ready to go.


Phone us now on 07 3839 3800 or use our contact us page.




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