Place 2.5 … where is it for you?

Most office workers would prefer to be anywhere but their usual workplace!

The place that is associated with the daily grind … is not typically the place of enjoyment. Wouldn’t it be nice to be transported into a space that made us feel we were virtually on a pleasurable holiday?

So what about the offices of leading edge companies like Google and their internationally famed, out-of-the-box workplaces? Does the concept of creating ‘fun’ workspaces actually ‘work’? (Please excuse the pun) or do such offices just spoil the employees and distract the workforce from their primary purpose?

The subject has become of sufficient interest to attract major dollars for independent research and the findings have caused quite a stir. Given that 80% of an organisation’s overhead is typically comprised of the cost of the wages of the workforce … getting high productivity from the team should rationally be one of the highest priorities for the financial & operational management of the organisation.

Incredibly the combined investment in equipping the work environment for that same office team is often as little as 1% of the company’s outlays. The end result relatively poor employee engagement and no particular attachment to the organisation so promising personnel are easily lost to the next ‘better offer’.

The Place 2.5 concept is not just about furniture selection. It is a holistic focus on turning the corporate workspace into a space that generates higher profits while making the workspace far more positive for those who inhabit it.

What was once considered to be an indulgence of very rich businesses …or the domain of only international internet companies is now being considered by a range of different organisations of all sizes.

To know more … call Offiscape today about a free ‘Introduction to Place 2.5’ workshop. Place 2.5 may actually make your company more profitable. Find out why. Call 07 3839 3800 today.


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