Our New Year’s Resolution

Is your office boring? Do you dread going to work each day? Of course, this is somewhat normal and there could be a few reasons for the feeling of angst that shudders through your body when you awaken with the realisation that it’s just ‘another boring day at the office’. But are you really OK to continue to experience this feeling for well over 90,000 hours of your life? For a whopping one third of your existence? No, we didn’t think so.

Being in the business of HOW people work certainly presents its fair share of challenges. However, these are challenges for which we believe to hold a multitude of solutions. Ranging from acoustics to vegetation and a whole lot in between, these retro fit solutions are scientifically supported to make a difference to your working life.

As you may have guessed, a key focus for us in 2018 follows the concept of creating happiness in the workplace. It may not be rocket science, but happy employees are healthier employees…and happier, healthier employees experience a greater overall quality of life.

As your team will always remain the core of your business, incorporating elements which encourage happiness in the workplace is crucial! Some outcomes of investing in your staff include;

– Positive mentality associated with attending work
– Greater overall mental wellbeing
– Productivity improved by up to 20%
– Loyal employees with high commitment to the organisation
– Higher staff retention and lower staff turnover rates
– Fewer costs associated with unhappy employees

To join our movement in achieving these goals, follow along our next series of blogs which will provide an insight into how new and sometimes forgotten concepts can cultivate and sustain a happy workplace!

Until then, happy working!


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