The Offiscape name is growing

Next week will mark 6 months since Offiscape launched as the new name for our long established company … and it is hard to believe how quickly that 6 months has elapsed.

So just as the image of our business name in large letters on the showroom wall is a reminder for any visitors that they are in Offiscape territory … the name now appears in many places not seen before … and we don’t just mean the products, the clothing of our team or the paperwork.

The exciting thing is,  that while retaining the clients who have worked with us over many years, Offiscape is now being discovered by new clients.  These clients are helping to make our business stronger and through this organic growth we are able to support an even wider selection of products and even more challenging projects.

Offiscape is being seen in project offices, in design studios and in corporate spaces but also in public spaces, in food courts, in libraries, in locker rooms, in secure spaces, in outdoor locations and in a range of other places that you might not have expected.

Do you have a furniture challenge for a commercial project?  Call us today and learn why there is more to Offiscape than just a pretty name on the wall!


Offiscape T:  07 38 39 38 00




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