Launching our Offiscape Workshops!

Yesterday we were very excited to launch the first of our intimate ‘How to get the most from your task chair’ workshops.

The need for such a workshop was recognised when statistics revealed that 80% of users don’t understand or use the functions of their task chair, and are therefore unable to reap the benefits! And when you’re using your chair to produce for on average 40+ hours each week, it is crucial you can do so comfortably…

Hosted by charismatic industry professional and chair specialist Andrew Green of FLOKK, an understanding of the relationship between your chair and general wellbeing was presented to two groups of invited guests.

Our guests were shown just how many functions a task chair can have, and how to adjust these functions to suit both their type of work, and their ergonomic needs. They were provided with an understanding as to why good posture and ergonomics can lead to a happier, healthier life and a more productive work day.

Proving to be very successful, these sessions kicked off the first of many workshops Offiscape will offer to the public, including new product and solution based workshops. If you’re interested in attending any upcoming sessions, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to be in the loop, or give us a call today to register your interest!


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