It’s all about keeping everyone safe

Tucked away in the coldest inhabited part of regional Norway, the Scandinavian HAG Seating factory has a multitude of colourful safety signs that were painted by the local school kids. 

The campaign theme was …”There is someone waiting at home for you!”  The easily recognisable work of small children was a very graphic way to put a human face to the impact on those who suffer if a workplace accident leaves a child orphaned or another family member without their spouse.

Every time we put our delivery and install people under a hardhat it is a very practical way of acknowledging the value those people have to their families, to us, to you.

It is also ensures that we comply with the regulations for building sites and locations where protective clothing is the appropriate safeguard.

Offiscape has been complimented on the quality of our Work Method Statements and we strive to maintain and improve in this area at all times.

It is not about dressing up to impress but rather to accept that if there is a chance of any physical danger or harm then let’s take precautions.

We encourage this with our suppliers who have already demonstrated strict controls and with our team to minimise the possibility of any incidents.

Does safety really matter?   Absolutely … because as the school kids of Norway put it so well, we believe there is someone waiting at home for you




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