It’s certainly not hard to argue the fact that the launch of the first iPhone in 2007 was revolutionary in more ways than one. However, what we may not have predicted was the impact the design of the iPhone would have on the furniture industry.

The simple yet sleek design featuring softly curved edges stemmed from Steve Jobs passion for ‘an uncluttered look’, something clean and sophisticated, with an equally as neat function.

This iconic shape can be seen in a multitude of items today, particularly in the world of commercial furniture solutions.

For example, in writing boards by Lintex, our Swedish whiteboard partner, as well as many workstation desks which feature table tops designed with this shape in mind.

Similarly, whilst more open in design, the Podseat by Martela features this frame and embraces the user within.

This shape has also been adopted by one of our most rapidly growing products to enter the market, the Framery. In fact, this product virtually mimics the same exact design features, tying neatly back to its core function as a stylish phone booth.

The success of these products within our range is undoubtedly attributed to their high quality and added value in the workplace, however, they all share the same aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated iPhone-like design.

Perhaps it is pure coincidence, or perhaps Apple started a phenomenal design trend stretching across a vast number of industries…

Either way, keep an eye out for this popular shape! You never know where it could appear next.

Happy browsing!


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