We’re going ape about our new space

It was just a hole in the wall and then the engineers had to assess the structure of the old building wall in some detail … but what was once a tall, long window is now a generous opening between 2 spaces that will now connect to triple the size of the Offiscape showroom.

One of the more amusing moments as a healthy section of the wall disappeared so also did the first 6 letters of the Offiscape name on the main dividing wall. It left just the 3 letters making the word ‘ape’.

There was some momentary humour as we journeyed through the very busy latter part of 2014.

Re-Painting has occurred and floor covering have started and will be completed in the New Year and there will be some great elements still to come so we can have the improved showroom space functioning as early as possible in 2015.

Stay tuned for more updates on the new collaborative showroom.

Offiscape T: 3839 3800


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