The G20 cavalcade has rolled in and out – it’s back to business

Brisbane like we’ve never seen it. Sure we’d previously hosted a World Expo, a Commonwealth Games and the 2001 Goodwill Games (which our team furnished) but the G20 (for barely a 2 day program) transformed our city into a total police state with the ‘boys (& girls) in blue’ seemingly outnumbering everyday citizens about 3 to 1.

Sometimes the protests were downright laughable with one campaign featuring protesters reclining in deck chairs (that must be the Queensland way in 2014) … but ultimately we turned on the heat. With 40 degree temperatures being the most effective way to dampen the energy on aggressive marching.

Many of our clients closed for some or all of the week and many of you headed out of town. We certainly had to curtail our install program for the CBD area in these past few days.

We had the leader of the free world and the man that they now liken to Adolf Hitler. We had the leaders like Germany’s Angela Merkel agreeing to participate in ‘selfies’ but mostly they walked, they ate, they talked, they sat … and worked on the big problems of the world.

They pondered how to make the world more productive … and of course – had they consulted the latest research … they would have realised that it all comes down to furniture! Give the people working the right type of furniture and we could solve most of the world’s problems. Well … we’d be further advanced anyway.

One of the visual sights was the frequent motorcades of the 29 leaders who jammed the route from airport to city hotels and rode on to the convention centre.

Magnificent sleek bomb proof Mercedes Benz limousines were brought in for those leaders who did not bring their own! As proud suppliers of Sedus Sopha lounges for the new Mercedes Benz showroom for Brisbane … it will be interesting to find out if there are any specials going on some near new (only very slightly used) bomb-proof executive Mercs!

The police kept us all safe and apparently spent a lot of time patrolling the beach at the Southbank parklands checking for signs of any trouble. There was a lot of patrolling there. Hopefully the locals who did stay in town and were sunbaking at Southbank felt very, very safe!

The good news is that business can now return to normal and that will be a relief for many of us. Now that we’ve done our part and have many of the world’s problems sorted out … we need to get back to furnishing workspaces so this part of the world can really get productive.

For enquiries on Sedus Sopha or any other furniture fit for leaders –

Call Offiscape 07 3839 3800


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