Footy colours for fanatics!

Do you have anyone in the office who qualifies as a mad-crazy football fan!

When you live and breathe furniture everyday … you see a lot of different things. The 2014 limited edition offer by one of our long standing furniture partners TSS (makers of the unique Therapod seating range) definitely qualifies as different.

When I first heard of it, I thought the concept might have been in the early stages of planning for next year’s April 1!

It is not every day however that someone releases two entire collections of colour schemes … clearly corresponding to 2 of the most popular football codes in the nation.

Do you favour your football with 2 posts or 4?

As the TSS team are based in Melbourne. It’s not surprising that all the geographically based teams of the ‘4 post football variety’ are featured (sometimes referred to as aerial ping pong) but to cater to we northerners (pretty much anyone north of the Victorian border) you will recognise the colours of some prominent local talent as well.

There won’t be too many interior designers rushing to embrace this concept but the sporty culture in which we live pretty much guarantees there will still be a call for this concept.

Just look at the possibilities – You can give the biggest football fan at the office or ‘at home’ a great office chair in the colours of their favourite team.

Buy one as a ‘prize giveaway’ for your next sporting challenge in the office and you can maintain the fun for years to come – not to mention that the Therapod chair is a seriously good ergonomic task chair so performance at your desk is not compromised.

You can support your local footy team by donating a football-flavoured office chair!

If you want to super impress, give the Football Therapod Chair to kids as a Christmas present or as a special reward for university results or even reaching a certain age! (They’re far more affordable than the keys to a new car!!)

Keep in mind the offer is only applicable for 2014 … so now that we are in the midst of ‘footy finals action’ just think about how you can take advantage of this perfect opportunity

If nothing else you can look at the image gallery and see if you can identify the colours of each team! Hours of fun right there.

So what do you think of the concept? Would you use a team coloured office chair? Let us know if you would like one of the ‘collector edition’ chairs (or even one of the hardcopy brochures).

We’re happy to assist you any time!

Chairs in footy team colours today? … who knows what will be available tomorrow?

If it’s a furniture concept for the modern workspace we’ll be bringing it to you soon.


T +617 3839 3800


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