Dealing with a pillar? Why not add a tree to the office?

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Structural walls & pillars are often the bane of the interior architect’s existence.

Despite the best efforts of the original building designer, courtesy of vital engineering, some pillars just cannot be avoided and sadly they are not typically a desirable thing in the world of office interiors.

The real problem becomes what to do with them?  Mostly they are sheeted to form a square shape to make them of some practical value (for carrying power & data and the like) but sometimes the need for services is not there and sheeting them just makes them wider and even more intrusive.

One solution, from the Sedus file of international Place 2.5 offices, is turning a round pillar into a tree trunk!

Be creating a flat graphic detail on the floor to symbolise the roots of a tree trunk and then a clever pattern on the ceiling above the illusion of having a large tree in the office becomes quite surreal.

Nothing like catching up with someone under the branches of a tree (where there is no risk of a feathered bird dropping something on you from above).

While this won’t be a solution in every situation, it is a great concept in a break-out area or alternative meeting space.

Of course, if the idea of contemporary tree concepts in the office space appeals to you don’t forget we can assist you with the internationally famous, Eero Arnio ‘Tree’ by Martela.  To create a deliberate statement or divide with a space you can literally play landscaper within the office.

So whether you are working on a full scale fit-out design or would just like some simple improvements to the character of your office … talk to the people who have lots of ideas.  That’s why we are called Offiscape!






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